Lifeline Marine Safety, we are dealers of many commercial and recreational brands of life rafts. We sell a large variety of marine safety equipment. And Lifeline is also dealer for most major brands of inflatable boats and outboard motors.

Inflatable Boats


Lifeline Marine Safety Services sell a variety of high-quality inflatable boats built great for recreational use. They are effortless to use for transportation, have easy maneuverability, inexpensive and very easy to store. 

Types: Roll up, solid floor roll up, air floor roll up, RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boats)


AB, Achilles, Avon, Flexboat, Highfield, Z Marine Zodiac.

Recreational  life rafts


If you are in need of a recreational life raft, you have come to the right place! Recreational life rafts are designed for the weekend coastal cruiser, the offshore fisher or the bluewater around the world sailor.  Depending on where you are boating there is a life raft to meet your needs and we are here to help!

Racing  Rafts that meet ISAF for the all you racing sailboaters.

Coastal rafts for 20 miles offshore for local weekend boating.

Offshore rafts for 20-50 miles for offshore fishing or offshore cruising.

Offshore rafts for 50+ miles for the cruiser who is making an offshore passage.

Give us a call and we will help you decide which raft will fit your needs.


Commercial life rafts


Lifeline Marine Safety Services offers commercial life rafts from several manufacturers in a wide verity of capacities ranging from 4 to 100 persons. A few examples of who that uses commercial life rafts are the commercial fishing industry, cruise ships, and the cargo shipping industry. All rafts are USCG and or SOLAS approved. 


Survitec DBC, Survitec Elliot, Survitec Revere, Survitec RFD, Survitec SSP, Survitec Zodiac, Revere Commerical.

New motors


Tohatsu outboard motor company is the oldest Japanese manufacturer in the world.

Tohatsu offers some of the best outboard motors, they are lightweight and compact without sacrificing performance. We are proud to be a trusted dealer.

Marine safety equipment


Here at Lifeline Marine Safety Services, we offer a large variety of marine safety equipment. It is all available for purchase in our showroom at our service facility.

Marine Safety Products We Carry

EPIRBS, PLBS, AIS, Lifejackets, Rescue Lights, USCG Pyrotechnics, and Abandon Ship bags, Line Throwers, Jacob’s Ladder.


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